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Let’s Study Japanese with NazoNazo!

It’s new way to learn Japanese with big fun and native Japanese sounds and usage.


My name is Wataru, native Japanese live in Japan.
If you’re learning Japanese and looking for new way to study Nihongo with fun, I have good information for you.

Do you know “NazoNazo”?  

Have you heard?

It’s called conundrum or riddle in English.
It is a word game that many Japanese people have enjoyed since childhood.
So, everybody knows some of NazoNazo even adult.

Are you looking for

  • Native Japanese that is spoken in daily life
  • More Japanese vocabulary
  • Word game that every Japanese children is enjoying
  • How to learn Japanese dictation

If yes, it’s very good way to learn native Japanese using NazoNazo!!.

Do you agree?      😛  😛  😛 

It might happen that some NazoNazo cannot be understood for foreigners because it based upon Japanese specific sounds or phrase. However, it’s a good chance to know how Japanese kids play/enjoy/learn Japanese words.

Now, let me introduce daily NazoNazo package program for you.

Our NazoNazo package includes;
– A video that I speak one NazoNazo question and answer with native Japanese.
– All text what was spoken exactly in “all Hiragana”.
– Also, all text in “Kanji mixed as normal Japanese sentences”.
– English translation version as well.
– You receive a NazoNazo package every day in your mailbox.

Does it sound interesting?   Sure, yes!

Please try sample video.

In this sample video, you learn “左右” SAYUU. Do you know that?

With NazoNazo you can expect;
– Everyday, you will get native Japanese NazoNazo with video, it’s less than 2min.
– Originally, target audience is kids or children. So, it’s basic Japanese but little bit casual style. It must be fun!
– You can check exactly what I spoke with Hiragana caption.
– Also, Kanji mixed caption helps to study natural writing.
– If the meaning is not clear for you, English translation will support you to understand. (I’m not English professional, my translation might not be correct. Sorry about that.)

This is the text sample you will receive with video.

I believe it’s very attractive program for the person who study Japanese hard, like YOU!!

🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄


Q.  What is NazoNazo?
A.  It’s called conundrum or riddle in English.
It is a word game that many Japanese people have enjoyed since childhood. So, everybody knows some of NazoNazo even adult.
We have several patterns. One of them is the sound which has several meanings.

For example, when we said “HASHI” はし,  we can mean “brigde” 橋, “chopsticks” 箸 and “edge” 端.

Also, we have common onomatopoeic. We use these words or sounds as quiz and play. 

Q. I’m a junior level for Japanese, can we understand?

A. The NazoNazo we introduce are mainly for kids or elementary-age child in Japan. However, it might be difficult for the people who just started learning Japanese. Because it’s a game of “language” or “term” that we’re using long time.

But please don’t worry, you also receive Japanese subtitle that we spoke exactly in Hiragana. Plus Kanji-mixed standard phrase version, as well. To help understand correctly, English translation also attached.

Q. Still I’m not good at Kanji.

A. You can see subtitle with all Hiragana. And it’s the text what’s spoken exactly. 

Q. If I couldn’t understand NazoNazo answer even I checked subtitle?

A. My rough English translation text also included. Still not clear? I recommend to ask your Japanese teacher or friends.

Are you ready to get NazoNazo package?

OK, let me show you package price, now.

NazoNazo 30days package is just
1500 Japanese Yen.

Another option;

NazoNazo 90days package is just
3600 Japanese Yen.
(20% discounts)

Note : First 30 NazoNazo are common between 30days package and 90days.
Customer who purchased 90days package, another 60 NazoNazo will be provided.

Sorry but we accept only Japanese Yen (JPY) and credit card can be used through Paypal.

To know exact price in your local currency, please check with currency converter here,


I believe it’s attractive for all people who are studying Japanese.

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